Psychology and Its Application to Life

There are various ways through which I can apply psychology in my future. One of these ways is advertising products; to capture consumers’ attention towards a specific product, a lot of thought and strategy must be involved in advertising. The color of the product and the words used should appeal to the customers. For advertisements to be effective, they should focus on using fear tactics to create a situation that is not comfortable and then show how the use of a particular product can solve the problem. For example, fear can be used when advertising drugs where the customers are convinced that they have to use the medicine or experience health complications that might result in death.

Pleasure and fun can also be used in an advertisement. In this case, the advertisements show that happiness and joy can only be created by the use of a certain product. By seeing how the individual in the ad is having fun, consumers will believe that they will also experience the same if they buy the product (Furnham, 2019). This kind of advertisement is effective for products such as alcohol and cigarettes. Advertisements can also feature love to attract the attention of buyers. This advertisement targets people who want to take care of their loved ones. They try to make the consumers believe that they can only show love to their close people in their lives by purchasing a given product. The target of these advertisements is couples and families. To attract consumers, advertisements can also be focused on vanity. Themes such as ‘the greatest product of all times’ are used to appeal to the customer’s sense of pride. The other mechanism I can apply in my future advertisements is using celebrities. Many customers tend to have complete trust in celebrities; they believe that it is vital to use a product used by a given celebrity. Celebrities can increase product sales because customers want to feel associated with them.

In the future, I can also apply psychology in sports by understanding the psychological factors that could affect sports performance. The sport psychology approach can differ from the perspectives of the coach and the player. Many coaches tend to focus entirely on a win and good performance from players, whereas sports psychologists come up with ways of focusing players’ thoughts on winning. As many coaches focus on physical training, sports psychologists prepare the players mentally. Sports psychologists try to improve the performance of the players by lowering the adverse psychological effects that could be caused by injury and past poor performance (Nevid, 2021). they can also do so by proper management of the players’ emotions. For good performance from players, there must be a set of goals, visualization, and relaxation.

The third way in which I can apply psychology is by coping well with the environment. Different environments could be homes, factories, offices, and classrooms. In these environments, there could be disturbances coming from temperatures and noise. Other stressors, such as overcrowding, could also be present. Environmental psychology focuses on the peoples’ goals and purpose in using the environment. It tries to know how the people’s needs are suited to the environment. For example, ensuring that the environment is quiet for students having an examination (Nevid, 2021). The knowledge of environmental psychology can be well used when setting up spaces; this is essential because the set spaces have to perform the intended function effectively. I can also apply psychology to businesses and organizations. Having studied psychology helps a manager of an organization motivate, select, and support the workers. It helps in ensuring that the workplace is suitable for everyone and fosters healthy behavior.

An organization’s psychologists can develop policies that can retain and attract the best workers. They can also make sure that technological equipment is user-friendly in the pace of work. Knowledge obtained from studying psychology can also be applied in law. Psychology can be used in law in different ways; first, a psychologist can tell whether the evidence provided by an eyewitness is accurate. Psychology can be used to lower confessions that are false by adopting peace models. Students of psychology study various areas that may have social and legal significance. Sometimes insurance companies may not know whether a car crash was suicide or a typical accident. In this case, the insurer can call psychologists and mental health experts to investigate. This is necessary because autopsies are based on psychology.

Specific discussions in the psychology course led to some change in me. One of them is communication skills; one of the things that psychologists learn is excellent communication with people. I have gained a good understanding of how people express themselves and developed an awareness of my patterns in speech. This has transformed me into a good listener and a powerful speaker. One can avoid factors that might lead to poor communication by learning proper communication skills, such as assumptions and misunderstandings (Thomas 2022). One can also have formal interviews and good relationships with others. The second discussion that has changed me is critical thinking. One of the most significant assets a psychologist can have is their brain and how it processes information. Psychologists are trained to look at issues from different perspectives and angles. They rely more on critical thinking when coming up with solutions for a particular problem. A person who is able to think critically can overcome many challenges since they have a sharp mind that can process information very fast.

The third discussion that has changed me is the insight into people’s behavior. Without psychology, an inexplicable thing done by people cannot be explained well. Many psychology students gain access to the human mind. They are in a position to figure out why some people can be affected more by certain situations than others. They also can know how different people express their emotions, show love, and deal with stress. Good relationships can only be formed by having insight into the thoughts and actions of those people around us. Good relationships are essential to everyone since it ensures emotional wellbeing. Studying psychology has also helped me have a better understanding. Psychologists learn the brain functions, and hence they understand how it works. By studying psychology, one realizes that they are not alone in their problems and thoughts. Therefore, solutions to many issues become easy since one can look emotionally at the situations they find themselves in (Bandura, 2018). the emotions can therefore be handled more rationally and in a better way. Psychological insights can hone the mind into something invincible since it is a powerful tool. People who aspire to have a good understanding of navigating society should study psychology.


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