Self-Assessment of Reflective Practice


Today, students and their educators pay much attention to such concepts as self-reflection and self-assessment to gain a better understanding of their emotions, strengths, and weaknesses. To check the ways I use reflection in my personal and professional development, I take the self-assessment quiz. I know that I prefer to reflect on but not in action, and the result that I like to be involved in thoughtful rather than quick processes does not surprise me. However, the fact that I am ready to leave my comfort zone to examine assumptions is unexpected. One of my goals in self-development is to gather and study as many beliefs and values, and the results of the test prove the conformity of my actions and intentions.

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I have never thought that answering several questions and reading what the score means could properly affirm my values and beliefs. Still, this type of work shows that reflective activities may gain a variety of forms. It is not always pleasant to admit but I am one of those individuals who sometimes depend on the opinions of other people. This test affirms my value about reflections as a possibility of seeing myself through other lenses. On the one hand, I need to emphasize and analyze what I know about an event and how I can use my skills. On the other hand, I cannot ignore the fact that I also like to listen and compare to develop deeper learning.


Despite the already achieved results, I do not want to stop my self-development and consider new aspects on how to gain progress. The ability to reflect has several positive outcomes, and my task is to strengthen my skills and knowledge. After completing the test, I see that some areas may be improved, including critical thinking and problem-solving. In addition to reflection on my learning and experiences, I must apply my theories and assumptions to practice. It is not enough to reflect on the action, afterward, and I should reflect in action, demonstrating my abilities to deal with what happens at the moment.

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