Signs and Symptoms of Stress

Stress is a common physical or emotional disorder, which can result from any frustrating experience. Victims of this disorder tend to feel angry or nervous, depending on their ability to manage the tension. Nevertheless, some people tend to be more prone to stress due to the lack of critical coping skills. As a psychological condition, stress is manifested differently depending on individuals’ unique traits, hence the need for a thorough knowledge of its signs and symptoms (Spielman, Jenkins, Dumper, Lovett, & Perlmutter, 2018). In essence, stress is manifested in a wide scope of symptoms. However, psychologists have established two key theories, particularly, life events and social support, as the basic explanations of its causes.

The signs of stress can be understood through a review of the theories of its causes. The life-events theory is based on the premise that people experience stress when exposed to situations requiring more resources than they can afford, get, or access. In such cases, individuals acquire the disorder due to worries or concerns over what they cannot handle. The social support theory is closely linked to the life-events concept, as it arises due to concerns about insufficient support from family and friends (Spielman et al., 2018). The victim is usually worried that they may receive insufficient support when faced with a certain challenging event. In essence, there is a close link between stress theories, much as they have a particularly unique perspective.

In overview, based on the accounts advanced to explain the causes of stress, it is apparent that affected people exhibit various signs, such as uneasiness, nervousness, anger, and restlessness. These symptoms may vary in degree based on an individual’s stress-coping capabilities. Therefore, psychologists require a thorough understanding of stress theories, as well as the various signs and symptoms, to be able to assist affected persons satisfactorily.


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