The Concept of Personality: Review

The overall focus of the podcast was centered around the concept of personality. It contains a wide range of topics based on the main one, where the analysis starts with fantasy fiction analogies and Carl Jung’s views. The following statements address the problems of the MBTI notion, where validity and reliability are the primary issues. In addition, Chinese people born under the dragon zodiac exhibit a higher level of success due to societal expectations and self-facilitation. Similarly, the hat example shows that people live up to the set standards.

Personality is one of the most complex and intricate aspects of human psychology, which is relevant in an array of fields. According to Jung’s views, a person’s personality is comprised of the collective unconscious, personal unconscious, and the ego, where the two extremes are manifested in extraversion and introversion (Vedantam et al., 2019). One should be aware that the MBTI model possesses several issues, which are reliability and validity. A valid paradigm would be built on relevant scientific data, and a reliable idea is consistent in the capability to perform its purpose. It is not reliable because the categories are mostly stereotypes, which are not evidence-based. In the case of validity, it is also flawed due to the fact it attempts to simplify the unique aspect of personality and individuality. Therefore, MBTI should not be used in the field, such as employment, because it will hurt both parties due to simplified and stereotypical categorization.

Moreover, the podcast discussed the subject of the Chinese zodiac sign and its relation to performance. The research shows that there is, indeed, a higher success rate among people born under the dragon sign (Vedantam et al., 2019). In other words, it proves and supports the notion of positive reinforcement as a parenting method. Children, who are born under the given sign, are expected to become successful, which means that their parents were more inclined to communicate such an expectation.

It is important to understand the key message of the zodiac case transferred to the Harry Potter example. It is most likely that the hat does not know the house, and thus, it is the student themselves who self-fulfill the prophecy. It is especially more likely due to relative equality among the houses. It means that people can be heavily influenced by familial and societal expectations. This seems to be the mental structure that plays the role of a predisposing factor in the development of a person’s mental life, capable of directing his behavior. Trends in the development of modern society affect the personality and cause the need to form, preserve, and study the unconscious foundations of the psyche. They implement universal models in personality behavior, such as archetypal elements. An important fact is that the study of the archetype of personality is largely based on cultural analysis. However, its psychological component has rarely been subjected to empirical research. This is despite the fact that the archetype is a kind of principle that provides mental reality with specific mental contents, and there are methods for diagnosing personality archetypes.

Peer Post Response

The main idea of your answers is the flexibility and individuality of every person, which is related to employment, parenting, and even the perception of life. Indeed, the way people perceive the world around them significantly impacts how they approach their children or discover their potential. I agree with the need to follow a balanced approach that ensures validity and reliability since a person starts paying attention and acting not only under emotions but also reasonable judgments.


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