The Importance of Physical Space

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The modern world is changing rapidly, which is also transforming the way people live. In particular, at present human beings are more and more mobile and less attached to a certain place. In this situation, the role of the physical space that it occupied in previous generations also decreases. The environment was for a tangible object that participated in life and reflected the features of a person’s activity and character. Today people have settled more and more in the virtual space, without tying themselves to a specific place. However, physical space still plays a fundamental role in establishing psychological and social connections.

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The environment is a reflection of a person’s activity and is also formed under its influence. People change the physical space around them depending on the transformation of the personality, “but it will also reinforce those aspects of their personalities” (“Church, Couch, Couple” para. 8). Thus, physical space and human beings are in a relationship, which is the foundation of psychological activity. The person surrounds oneself with those objects that reflect the personality and emphasize it. Kalia notes that people outside of tangible space lose not only connection with memories but also the ability to build interpersonal connections (para. 5). Physical space is an environment that reflects the collective characteristics of a group of people, which are their common values. In the absence of connection with the physical space, human beings are also deprived of the opportunity to identify themselves with a certain group, as well as to emphasize their individuality. Thus, physical space is both a way of building a psychological and social connection. It is also important for a modern person who needs tangible objects to reflect their features, making them present in the real world.

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