College Students’ Stress Management


Students’ stress levels might be ascribed to the quantity of work they have to cover daily. Physical exercise is one of the proponents that may be employed to regulate the stress level in kids. This may be from approaching tests, deadlines of assignment submissions, or simply adapting to a new setting they were not accustomed to. Hence, exercise gives them a chance to break out of their hectic routine and have interactions unrelated to their academics. This increases their emotional development and eventually lessens their emotional load. Therefore, there is a significant need to evaluate if physical exercise may be employed as a stress management method to boost academic performance among college students.

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School work and activities may take a significant toll on pupils’ mental health, with stress being the key component evaluated. Among college students, a lot of work and activities strain their regular lives, leaving them exhausted in the end. Strenuous academic tasks fall on every course because one needs to put more effort into improved academic accomplishment. This generally takes a detrimental toll on their mental health, impacting poor academic performance in class. Hence, there is a need to regulate stress levels, and physical exercise is a good choice as a technique that might boost this. A physical exercise is a significant tool when it comes to lowering stress. Physical exercise is advocated as a treatment technique for stress in students because it affects their academic performance (Marques et al. 316). Physical exercise impacts emotional, cognitive, direct, and indirect physiological processes.


In conclusion, the association between academic performance and stress has been examined for a long time. Assertions are being made that stress affects the potential of a student to flourish (Marques et al. 317). When it comes to difficult school courses, leisure and relaxation are vital for a balance of the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual lives of students. Hence, bringing physical activity into this environment makes it simpler to have a transition that may help address some of the difficulties that may occur as a consequence of the strain of copious academics. This will guarantee that they are in excellent mental health and so have a possibility of better performance.

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