The Relevance of Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology is an essential field of study for medical professionals and future nurses, especially. It focuses on the physiological changes throughout a person’s life that reflect his emotions, thinking, and behavior. The most development occurs during childhood as the identity and consciousness form. Noting and taking these changes into account allow identifying typical behaviors and thinking patterns for a specific age group, although individual variations also take place. Psychology is especially relevant for the nursing practice as it allows nurses to take better care of a patient based on the typical age characteristics.

The developmental psychology course is required for my practical nursing major. I find this course essential for professional development and agree that this subject is mandatory for nurses. Understanding human psychology is necessary for almost all fields of study. It gives a scientific explanation for certain behaviors, describes possible struggles and abilities typical for an age group, and helps to form more productive relationships. As the course was mandatory for me, I feel that it forms the basis of the overall understanding of human nature. The medical professional should be able to not only look at the patient from the medical point of view but also as a personality who can be affected by various psychological factors. As this course remains relevant for many careers and life paths, it should be mandatory for other majors too, because it provides a deep understanding of other people. We all live in a society, and all of us need to distinguish developmental characteristics in an individual’s behavior to function and integrate into a community successfully.

Nurses have very close contact with their patients and other professionals, which requires to have a basic knowledge of human psychology. The patients may come from various backgrounds and have distinguished personalities that need to be taken into account to provide the best care. Nurses need to understand how acting differently in certain situations is predetermined by a person’s psychological development. Patients may react differently to the provided treatment because of the physical factors and individual physiological responses. Young patients may experience more fear than adults or have trouble understanding the illness. A nurse should be able to apply developmental psychology knowledge to relate to a younger patient and relieve the apprehensions. It allows the patients to trust the nurse and openly communicate about the issue. Considering these factors allows assessing the patient’s condition and the effectiveness of the treatment.

Majoring in practical nursing requires me not only acquire an in-depth understanding of human physiology and medical terminology but also develop psychological and communication skills. The program is intended to prepare students for future employment as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). It is required to provide quality care to patients of all age groups. A nurse needs to find an approach to each of them for successful treatment and employment. An LPN also performs duties and administers medication under an RN (registered nurse) and doctors’ supervision, which requires understanding their position and age characteristics. Being able to report the patient’s status adequately and communicate with other doctors forms the basis for professional success as well. Long hours of work in a hospital or clinic with colleagues and directory also demands a nurse to understand human psychology to have smooth human interactions and enjoy one’s work. Thus, developmental psychology allows improving the relationships both with the patients and the staff at the clinic.

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