The Sources of Political Beliefs

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In the context of present-day developments, it is believed that a huge variety of things and events may influence a person’s opinion even without his or her control. For instance, subtle and competent political propaganda may have a significant impact on the formation of political views of the population, and predominantly, people cannot resist it. In addition, religion may present a source of political beliefs in some cases. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to analyze and describe aspects of my life, which significantly contributed to the formation of my political views.

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First of all, it is essential to mention that, in general, a family has a profound impact on world perception, and this also regards political commitments. According to the article What Factors Shape Political Attitudes?, “families are generally the first, and often the most enduring, influence young people’s developing political opinions” (n. d., para. 2). As for me, my parent and grandparent are involved in the political life of the country to a large extent. They are informed and competent in this aspect to an adequate degree and follow the latest news. In addition, my father studied political science at university. Consequently, since childhood, I get acquainted with this field of life and their opinion in this regard. I could listen to the latest news on politics on a regular basis and observe the reaction of my parent to them when I was a child. Moreover, my father attempted to explain the fundamental information in this regard to me. It should be mentioned that my parents did not insist on my involvement in this field and on their commitments. However, their attitude and behavioral patterns had a pronounced effect on my perception of politics and shaped my beliefs to some extent.

Another aspect, which appears to be extremely influential for me in the context of forming my political views, is my interest in history. I have been studying this subject for many years, and I constantly read books in this regard. Due to my intense interest in this subject, I have formed a comprehensive picture of world history. Political history presents a solid base for all the historical events, and for this reason, I have received an in-depth insight into this aspect while studying this subject. Therefore, history is helpful for tracking the changes in politics through the years and explaining serious reasons for them. Furthermore, it answers all the basic questions about the current course and tendencies. Consequently, the importance of my interest in history in the context of the establishment of political views should not be underestimated.

In conclusion, it should be highlighted that there is a variety of sources of political beliefs. Some people incurred the impact of their family, gender, region, religion, propaganda, and other factors. This question appears to be extremely individual, and it is difficult to identify precise reasons. As for me, I was influenced by my family’s involvement in this sphere of life and my interest in world history.


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