Appropriate Team Dynamics for Productive Group Meetings

Groups and meetings are events which are mainly created by individuals to put in efforts together and work towards achieving the same objective. Group work and meeting are only effective when the group members and the group leaders follow the required guidelines for a successful meeting. In the case of Allied Health Community, the management had organized several meetings to come up with a solution regarding a patient’s case were all unsuccessful because they did not adhere to the required guidelines for an effective and productive meeting.

Some of the major events that occurred during the meeting that contributed to its ineffectiveness of the meeting was when John, the leader of the meeting began the meeting by assuming that everyone in the meeting knew the main agenda of the meeting. The Boss also interfered with John’s speech out of anger because the group had not landed into an agreement that would help in solving the patient’s case. The group leader John also seemed to be bi-partisan by looking down upon other group member’s suggestions. As the meeting progressed one group member interfered with the main agenda and brought in a new agenda by talking about Teresa’s birthday and encouraging the members to sing for her a happy birthday song during the meeting.

Some of the most appropriate procedures that should have been adapted by the members of the Allied Health Community to come up with a productive meeting is planning well before the meeting. The leader should ensure that all the members are aware of the dates and main agenda of the meeting for them to prepare adequately for the meeting. During the meeting the group leader should ensure a proper communication channel to maintain order and total engagement of all the members by giving out equal opportunities for member participation during the meeting. At the end of the meeting the leader should show gratitude by thanking the members for their time and contribution.

An ideal group meeting requires an appropriate communication process to enhance the effectiveness of the meeting. Appropriate communication process helps in avoiding misunderstanding and unnecessary conflicts which derail the efficiency of the meeting. One of the best communication processes for a group meeting is the adoption of an open door policy which helps in building trust during the meeting. An open door policy communication process makes it easy for any group member to speak out their ideas, raise their concerns and ask questions at anytime during the meeting.

The best structure for the group meeting is the formal team meeting structure where the Boss of Allied Health Community organizes a formal meeting with all the stakeholders to ensure that they find solution to the main agenda which is to help out a patient in their facility. Adopting appropriate group dynamics also helps in enhancing effectiveness of meeting (DeakinCo., 2017). Strategies that can be used to enhance group dynamics include conducting proper diagnosis of the group members, discouraging free riding during the meeting proceeding and putting up measures to eradicate blocking behaviors from other group members. It is appropriate to ensure an environment that discourages evaluation apprehension during group proceedings.

The appropriate group formation stages include;

  1. Forming
    The boss of Allied Health Community puts across the main agenda and need of the meeting. He selects the group leader and gives out responsibilities.
  2. Storming
    Every member of Allied Community Health in the meeting is given responsibilities to perform towards achieving the goals of the group
  3. Norming
    Every group member is given equal opportunity to speak out their opinions and finding on the main agenda to come up with the best solution.
  4. Adjourning
    The boss of Allied Health community and the group leader shows gratitude by thanking the group members.


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