Calm as Indispensable Life Skill

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Calm is not just a character trait; it is a skill that can be learned. A person consciously decides at what moment they need to calm down a little, distract themselves from the eternal rush, and when to pay attention to what is happening to him at the moment. Thanks to the practice of self-control, a healthy habit is formed over time. Therefore, the body produces fewer stress hormones, and a person feels happier. The ability to stay calm is essential in life, as it helps to cope with circumstances, rationally treat all types of problems, raise, and educate children correctly, and maintain physical and mental health.

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A wise person’s calm in front of circumstances changes the way of thinking and subsequent actions. Restlessness makes many people feel anxious, even in good times. When the world is captured by the pandemic, an economic crisis, and unrest on the streets, climate change constantly reminds of itself; everyone can lose restful sleep. People can not know in advance what will happen tomorrow; it is not in our power but in our control that is how we react to changes. The ability to change with circumstances, endurance, and emotional intelligence give a person an advantage over other people. According to a study by Crum et al., steps to change your mindset, work on positive and negative responses, and further behavioral changes will help you stay calm in response to external stimuli (380). Adaptation begins with rational thoughts and ends with deliberate action.

The emotional state of a person when doing stuff of various importance determines the effectiveness of their execution. One person will run about doing a trifling task, while another with a calm mind and soul can do a great action. Trivia can be any simple activity that does not require much effort from a person, which is not worth wasting time on. For example, a manager comes to the office and immediately takes on insignificant matters, such as sorting out unnecessary documents, while trying to do it faster to fulfill the primary duty. An intelligent person reflects on strategies for further business development, maintaining a gentle emotional state. Calm reflections help a man make the right, deliberate decision. A person, solving particular problems, whether trivial or grand, should always use a clear head, and it is possible only if a man remains calm.

Having children is always a complete transformation of relationships between a couple. Roles change, a new paradigm is created; add to this the need to take care of the new person around the clock. The conflict number in the marriage expresses the level of tension after the birth of the child. The couple’s financial situation is also deteriorating, which leads to a change in living conditions. For example, the opportunity to buy expensive and beautiful things for adults is lost since the child needs exceptional food, toys, clothes, and furniture. Cetre et al. note, “A positive relationship seems to be found only for certain groups of parents and can equally be read as happy adults being more likely to have children ” (464). However, over time, people get used to the new role and begin to feel happy and calm. It is expressed in the eyes when the child smiled for the first time or took the first step. A woman feels relaxed from a sense of her duty accomplishment to continue the race and also giving life gains its meaning.

A habit is called a regularly repeated action in psychology, without which a person can no longer do. Usually, people try to relieve stress by bad habits, like tobacco and alcohol, realizing that this will help for a short time. For example, tobacco smoke has become so common and an everyday routine that it is not always subconsciously perceived as a toxic poison. The negative effect on the body does not manifest at one moment; it gradually accumulates and aggravates the problem that has arisen. Another option is drinking; people suggest that small doses of alcohol are not harmful, and in some ways, even beneficial for the body. Once in the body, alcohol primarily affects the human brain. The memory lapses that appear in the process of drinking intoxicating drinks are the “first bell” of brain destruction. Therefore, giving up bad habits helps maintain the body’s health, on which clarity and calm of the mind depend.

Each person perceives the concept and skill of staying calm in their way, but the consensus is that it helps overcome life obstacles, prioritize, raise healthy offspring and maintain health. The life path is filled with obstacles, and only the person decides how to relate and subsequently overcome them. An approach to any business requires rationality and peace of mind to achieve success since people often do stupid things on emotions. Raising children requires tremendous patience and peace of mind as parents pass habits and expressions of feeling to the offspring. Bad habits can provide a state of satisfaction for a while, but this will eventually bring more problems. The skill to be calm in any situation allows one to maintain a clear head and completely changes a person’s life.

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