The Big Five Personality Characteristics

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The Big Five is a set of core characteristics of personality, which are highly useful in assessing one’s essential drivers of behavioral patterns. It is important to note that it is comprised of five components, such as openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. One might argue that although all core characteristics are relevant in both academic performance and employment, the most vital one is neuroticism, which dictates whether or not an individual possesses emotional stability.

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My results indicate that I am highly open and conscientious, which indicates that I am not reluctant to accept or adopt new ideas and have key qualities of being responsible. I also score 60% in extraversion, which means that I am comfortable at interacting with other people and find it rewarding rather than perceiving it as something energy-depleting. However, my weakness is manifested in the fact that I am not as agreeable as I thought I was.

In other words, it might hinder my cooperative and collaborative capabilities. Although one should not be fully agreeable to be effective at team working, some level of this characteristic is necessary in order to be able to compromise and move forward with a team’s or group’s objectives. However, my the most prominent strength can be found in the fact that I scored 21% in neuroticism, which indicates my high levels of emotional stability and the lack of unnecessary worry.

I strongly believe and confident that emotional stability and awareness are factors in order to achieve outstanding academic performance since my observations are that many students experience high levels of anxiety and stress. The latter influences are one of the most impactful hindrances in maximizing one’s potential, where excessive distress and worry can limit one’s potential for performance, especially during the most critical moments, such as examinations.

Therefore, being emotionally stable and relaxed allows a person to fully benefit from all the hours of hard work and studying during the exams or presentations, whereas a student with the lack of such emotional control might not be able to present his or her best self during these defining moments.

Low levels of neuroticism and a high degree of emotional stability are also crucial in regard to employment. The main reason is that employment is on itself is a stressful experience, and one might argue that it is more stressful than the academic environment, which is why being relaxed and calm can be of paramount importance at both the beginning of employment and through the process. For example, a person A might be more competent than a person B, but the latter is more likely to get a job position if he or she possesses emotional stability, because he or she is able to control anxiety, where it does not hinder the overall ability during the interview process.

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An individual might claim that he or she is good at working in teams, which will indicate that he or she has openness and agreeableness characteristics. Adding the one who enjoys such a collaborative environment can also mean that he or she is extraverted. Stating and showing that one has a strong work ethic can be an indicator of his or her conscientiousness. Behaving and interacting in a calm and relaxed manner can show one’s low levels of neuroticism.

In conclusion, the Big Five is a highly effective framework, which is useful in understanding an individual’s personality and behavioral drivers. I believe that being emotionally stable is critical for both academic performance and employment success.

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