Personal-Professional Narrative and Potential Challenges

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Individual experiences encountered throughout life might have an incredible impact on a person’s characteristic traits. Events transpiring under particular circumstances form an individual’s future features and beliefs, sometimes altering personal goals and desires. Examining the situations that most considerably influenced one’s personality and shaped their ethos is a significant part of understanding the strengths and challenges that may arise in the future. In my personal experience, the major of organizational management has tremendously contributed to my personal and professional growth, allowing me to hone my skills as an individual and future employee. In this paper, I will describe the organizational management major as an educational path that perfectly aligns with my capabilities and motives, prompting me to improve my personal strengths.

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Multiple events occurring during one’s childhood can incredibly affect their future life goals and preferences. As a child of blue-collar workers, I was inspired to achieve substantial professional and academic aims from my early years. The influence of my family members, both my parents and siblings, appear to have shaped my desire to obtain credible education and further improve myself as a skilled employee. Unfortunately, the circumstances dictated that I could not secure my college degree, in contrast with other family members. The intention to fulfill the purposes established in my youth and prove my abilities has remarkably impacted my wish to finally acquire a bachelor’s degree as I started to search for a suitable major.

I believe that organizational management ideally adheres to my distinct skills, allowing me to attain the goals created. As a senior manager, I possess exceptional leadership experience, efficiently organize tasks and resources, and always fulfill the responsibilities delegated to me. Based on these capabilities and my interest in company practices, I chose the major of organizational management and decided to pursue this degree to sustain continuous advancement. Apart from accomplishing objectives instilled in childhood, successfully completing my educational courses is also imperative for my personal growth, granting me the possibility to enhance my abilities as a person.

Even though my choice was partly practical, given the aforementioned individual strengths, I realized that I became exceptionally passionate about this profession during my education. As I moved forward through my courses, I noticed how inspiring it was for me to learn more about organizational management and apply the knowledge gathered. Currently, I am hoping to perfectly conclude my education not only to gain additional advantages at my place of employment but also to continue improving myself in the field that I feel particularly invested in.

Maintaining a balance between specialties and improving potential limitations can substantially change individuals’ subsequent personal and career development. In my career path, there are several major challenges that are necessary for me to manage. One of such complications is the busyness of my work and everyday life, as numerous tasks have to be completed on a daily basis. The foundation of a new company building has significantly increased the number of my responsibilities, forcing me to adapt to an immense workload. As a result of these events, I realized how demanding it is to balance professional and personal life. These complications provided me with an insight into my limitations, demonstrating that a lack of stability and personal time can drastically hinder my educational progress.

In order to accomplish the goals established, it is imperative for me to find an approach that will enhance my time and workload management skills. This task necessitates the improvement of strategic thinking, which can contribute to my future affluence. My current educational position also requires me to acquire better technical and analytical skills. Although this situation seems complicated, I feel prepared to battle the difficulties mentioned, especially given the support system of my family environment. My son and fiance often assist me in resolving my doubts and reigniting my motivations. Furthermore, I excellently build relationships and successfully communicate with people, valuing them for their uniqueness and creating an inclusive environment. I intend to rely on these support systems and capabilities during my hardships.

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My personal ethos plays an essential part in my struggle against challenges. As a person deeply invested in continuous growth, I am always excited to learn new information and improve my strengths and limitations. Helping others advance and heightening my sense of self brings me remarkable joy. I understand that encountering obstacles is a strenuous endeavor, but I feel prepared to experience new struggles and solve them. In my experience, it can be tremendously rewarding to conquer your disadvantages and multiply your achievements.

To conclude, I have thoroughly discussed my personal and professional desires in this paper, highlighting the major event and challenges that affect my potential success. It is evident that my aspirations to secure an affluent career were established at an early age with significant contributions from my family members. Intentions to obtain a prominent professional path and improve my capabilities are a substantial part of my advancement in the field of organizational management, a major that perfectly suits my academic proficiencies and individual traits. As a highly organized and accountable person with a senior management background, I chose this profession for both practical and affectionate reasons. Even though I face considerable complications, such as the busyness of my schedule, I also possess efficient support systems to guide me during stressful times. I understand that accomplishing the goal of continuous professional and personal growth includes the possibility of failure, and I am willing to face these complications in order to establish a better future for myself.

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