The Shape of a Person’s Personality

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A person often does not perceive their appearance and personality as a whole. People do not notice the relationship between their body and character because they do not focus on it. This article talks about how a person’s appearance affects their worldview, political views, and character. Some theories explain the fact of the connection between our character and our body.

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The facultative personality calibration is a theory that our character and worldview directly relate to our body and physical education. According to research, “Evidence supporting facultative personality calibration is growing – not only in terms of how one’s looks influence our personality traits but even our approaches to finding romantic partners and our political beliefs” (BBC Future, 2019). The personality develops in such a way as to correspond to other genetic maps that a person faces. This theory sounds as plausible as possible since, after reading it, a person can immediately pay attention to the similarity of his character and physique. People with large feet, greater physical strength, and taller growth feel more confident when communicating and solving daily problems, and vice versa; weak people, short, feel nervous and insecure. Like various animal species, scientists say that a person with a large physique shows more courage, which confirms the theory. Political views can also depend on a person’s physique. Scientists have proven that stronger and more muscular men will be against political egalitarianism. However, there is a factor of chance that prevents the theory from being completely reliable. A person can be strong on the outside, but unfortunately, weak on the inside, which runs counter to theory.

Summing up, I can say that the research data, in my opinion, is factual. I agree with the theory of optional personality calibration since I noticed that people around behave by their physique and appearance. This article provides ground for thought and confirms the thoughts of the connection between these human factors. People should resort to this analysis of themselves and those around them more often to avoid possible conflicts and understand the nature of themselves.


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