Personal Development Plan

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Assessment of My Professional Needs

My current professional needs include acquiring new competencies and skills that can support my career goals. My short term goal is to get a new job in a challenging environment or organization that can result in personal growth. My long-term goals include completing my MBA and getting a managerial job. These achievements will make it possible for me to empower others and produce quality outcomes.

Current Competencies

I possess the best skills in quality assurance (QA). I have what it takes to coordinate various QA practices in order to improve the level of safety. I am ambitious, analytical, and hardworking. I possess different leadership skills that can support the performance of many firms. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (DBA) with a Concentration in Quality Management (and a Minor in Marketing). I have an International Computer Driving License (ICDL). I also have a diploma in communication and computer networks.


There are various deficiencies that might affect my professional needs. I strongly believe that more competencies can make it easier for me to achieve various goals. My leadership skills should also be developed further. This is the case because I lack adequate competencies to deal with diverse groups.

Personal Development Plan

Short Term Goals

I am planning to secure a position in a successful organization. The organization should offer a challenging environment in order to support my career objectives. The environment should also sharpen my competencies. I also want to acquire new leadership competencies that can support my professional and personal goals.

Long Term Goals

The first long-term goal is to complete my MBA from Saudi Electronic University. I also want to get a senior position or role in a reputable organization. The third long-term objective is to become a manager in a large business venture or company.

Action Plan

Step 1

A powerful action plan will be used in order to achieve the targeted long-term and short-term goals. The first step is to apply for different jobs. I will target specific organizations that have new job openings. The targeted positions revolve around quality assurance, business coordination, and marketing.

Step 2

The second step will be aimed at identifying different professionals and managers who can become the best mentors. After identifying such individuals, I will collaborate with them and embrace the most desirable practices. The approach will support my short-term goals.

Step 3

The third step will be characterized by continued research. The research will mainly focus on evidence-based managerial theories and quality assurance (QA) practices. The obtained ideas will be used to support my future career objectives. I will also use this step to establish meaningful relationships and teams with different workmates. Such teams will equip me with appropriate competencies that can make me successful.

Step 4

The fourth step mainly focuses on my academic needs. I will have completed my MBA by 2017. This achievement will make it easier for me to pursue my long-term goals. The course will also equip me with advanced managerial skills. I will also acquire extra competencies such as decision-making, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Step 5

This final step will be implemented after completing my MBA. I will look for a new job as an organizational manager. This leadership position will encourage me to use every skill and ability. I will also embrace the idea of lifelong learning. This practice will widen my career options and eventually make me successful.

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