Psychology as a Scientific Discipline

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Although psychology is often considered a social science, it uses scientific methods of reasoning and research. The study of neuropsychology and how different brain processes are involved in the formation of behavior require observations and evidence. Many educational psychology programs are based on “using scientific reasoning to interpret psychological phenomena, demonstrate psychological information literacy, and interpret, design, and conduct fundamental psychological research” (Davies, 2017). Thus, in the academic environment, the discipline is considered a science and requires the appropriate skills and knowledge.

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This belief is based on the fact that psychology uses scientific methods to study patterns of human behavior. Knowledge is obtained through measurable and reliable evidence of mental processes and brain activity. Scientific research in psychology is also conducted in a similar way to other disciplines and contributes to the development of thoughts. Thus, a significant part of the psychological study is occupied by the correct collection and interpretation of information, which is relevant to any other field of science.

Psychology uses both qualitative and quantitative methods to find answers to research questions posed. Choosing the correct method for obtaining relevant information is also a key feature of scientific activity. Thus, psychology is a science in the first place because it uses empirical evidence in its research. The hypotheses put forward are confirmed or disproved by the data, which makes the collected information credible. Undoubtedly, the discipline does not use as many precise numbers and calculations as chemistry or mathematics, but the volume of research conducted is not inferior to other scientific fields. Moreover, the knowledge gained can be applied in various fields that, at first glance, are not related to psychology, which makes it practically applicable. Thus, the evidence of the research results and their possible use in practice make it fair to call psychology a real science.


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