Researching and Analysis of Self-Box Form


Many people are not aware of their personalities and characteristics. In turn, it has led to an increase in the number of people struggling to accept themselves and live better lives. Self-awareness has helped in many different ways. It has enabled me to be better at decision-making by knowing what I can do and what I am not capable of doing. It has helped me to come up with good relationships and be free from bias and assumptions.

I have experienced learning to deal with my weaknesses, managing my strengths and investing in good opportunities due to self-awareness.

By probing myself with various “what if” questions and envisioning myself, I have become more mindful.

The video above gives statistics on the number of people that are able to accurately label their emotions. It is only one out of three people who can flawlessly tell their temperaments, characteristics and emotional behavior. This also includes figuring out how to react when their emotions fluctuate. Self-awareness has enabled me to know both my positive and negative emotions and also value each.

Biological Characteristics

A person’s biological characteristics affect their psychological state. Getting to know my biological characteristics has enabled me to love myself by accepting my natural state. It has helped me to develop a healthy mental state. It has also helped me work creatively and productively by setting disciplines to maintain an excellent biological state.

Research has proved that unwanted weight by an individual could be a source of psychological trauma if not dealt with it. To avoid this, being conscious of my weight has helped me develop disciplines to keep my weight manageable. Being overweight can be caused by taking junk and unhealthy meals as well as getting food in the wrong proportions. Having the proper feeding habits is one of the ways to keep fit.

Many people believe that one should go for a health checkup only when one is sick. However, frequent visits to medical centers for checkups have helped me stay healthy for an extended period. Consultations with medical professionals are helping me to maintain health, active life and well-being.

Sleeping habits, mental states, body fitness, environmental adaptability and emotional state are a part of a healthy body condition.

Genetics, good nutrition and dietetics, medical care, a proper lifestyle that includes daily routine and behavior and a good environment contribute to proper health.

Daily disciplines and practices from my health chart have enabled me to stay healthy and fit. Among these has been following strict and well-analyzed food intake by observing every food proportion I take.

Psychological characteristics

Psychological characteristics are some of the key details a person should know. Knowing my psychological characteristics has enabled me to live a happy life and have an easy time by myself. It has helped me know my strengths and weaknesses. Overacting to situations can be an indicator of an unstable psychological state. Knowing my thoughts, attitudes, likes and dislikes has helped me master my strengths and weaknesses.

Social Characteristics

Every human being is a social being; developing healthy interpersonal skills has enabled me to contribute to society by playing different roles and giving back to people. Giving back to society has enabled me to develop good relationships and to take up roles and responsibilities.

Societal relationships and responsibilities are part of what enables an individual to develop various habits and roles. Being a part of the society I belong to has enabled me to develop attributes that people appreciate.

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