Aspects of Stress Management

There are various causes of stress, and they predominantly include troubles and challenges, which require significant efforts to cope with them. As for me, I notice difficulties with money, relationship conflicts, significant losses of close people and material things, betrayals, and drastic and unexpected changes in my life. These days, there is a variety of ways to manage stress, from going to SPA to psychological counseling. In addition, some people apply for spirituality to relieve their anxieties, as it provides them with essential orientations in life and support. In general, the importance of managing stress should not be underestimated. A significant number of worries may lead to serious mental problems and prevent appropriate living standards. Furthermore, it may affect physical health as well, causing a range of illnesses. For instance, in case of considerable problems, people occasionally become sick, as an organism needs some time to recover and rest.

Therefore, it is crucial to adhere to balance, despite all the hardships of a fast-paced world, and the possible strategies are described in the article “Maintaining Balance in Your Lifestyle” by Scott (2020). A beneficial approach in this regard could be taking “a mental health day”, which implies unplugging from everyday problems in convenient ways for the whole day (Scott, 2019, para. 6). Another method regards the activities, which I do not enjoy, but I have to perform. Whether it is possible, it is recommended to refuse to do something, which is unpleasant for me (Scott, 2019). The last strategy is asking for help, as it is easier to overcome stresses in case of mutual support (Scott, 2019). These approaches would be beneficial for adhering to balance, especially if they are applied together.


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