The Big Five Personality Factors

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The big five model factors of personality are significant as they relate to the daily experiences of people. The five factors originated with Odbert and Allport in the late 1930s after which they spread across cultures (Han & Pistole, 2017). Among the five factors, openness is the most significant personality that requires great consideration. A person said to pose this kind of personality can be termed as being open as well as approachable to several options (Han & Pistole, 2017). This is significant because it exposes the involved person to several life engagements that tend to inform his/her literacy levels.

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Considering how people are diverse in the contemporary world when a person becomes open to diverse aspects of life, he/she broadens the ability necessary to accommodate the difference. In contemporary situations, being open exposes one to various cultural competencies (Han & Pistole, 2017). However, this does not happen in the absence of discomfort and conflicts among the individuals concerned. Despite these, openness is necessary as it helps in reducing cultural tension by upholding competency in terms of culture in various sectors. An open person is swift when it comes to forming a friendship with individuals from a different culture.

It is necessary to have in mind that every culture is tagged to its morals and beliefs that must be followed at all times. Although this might not be something that one is accustomed to, an open personality helps one to embrace understanding and learning of a different way of life. In this case, extraversion individuals have scored highly as they are known to be active, affectionate, talkative, and fun-loving (Han & Pistole, 2017). This aspect has made them more flexible due to their personality.

Although neuroticism may appear to be open to various aspects, they are unlikely to demonstrate their feelings due to their unique aspects relating to being anxious, emotional, and vulnerable. On the other hand, agreeableness is generous and good-natured, however, they have a general tendency of being ruthless (Han & Pistole, 2017). For this reason, it is extremely hard to establish the type of personality they may be open to. In addition, conscientiousness is said to be rightly ordered or controlled. This makes them lack individual standings (Han & Pistole, 2017). In many cases, they tend to follow the majority path for they tend to ignore their own opinion. However, they are considered serious for they are careful about the steps they take.

From the above highlights, it is clear that individuals’ personality is different. Therefore, it is required that one needs properly understand the psychological factor that relates to a particular personality. This helps in establishing whether a given personality is likely to inhibit or promote diversity openness (Han & Pistole, 2017). Looking at the current increased nature of diversity, one needs to embrace the need to be patient with one another by ensuring they make absolute allowance for other people’s mistakes. This is mostly propelled by love that keeps people united and abiding together in peace.

In conclusion, personality as seen in the above analysis is an important aspect of whom an individual is. It tends to demonstrate how one’s aspect relates to general life satisfaction. Therefore, considering the great impact of personality in people’s life, it is desirable to establish a reliable method of evaluating and conceptualizing it. The big five frameworks satisfy this need as it applies to several cultures and states across the globe.

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