Does Your Personality Predict Your Happiness?

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The subjects related to personality psychology are currently of significant interest for both scholarly and non-scholarly writers. The content published on various information websites often refers to the relationship between personality traits and achievable levels of welfare and happiness. The article “Does your personality predict your happiness?” by Greater Good is an excellent example of a daily reading that combines scientific advances and common knowledge, offering the viewers academic data in a simple form. Written by Kira Newman (2017), the article analyzed claims that there is a connection between specific personality types and the levels of happiness experienced. According to the source, individuals with particular character traits might display attributes of more excellent well-being and pleasure in comparison to people lacking such characteristics. In my opinion, this suggestion is highly plausible, as it is supported by research evidence and presents a sound logical argument.

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Throughout the text, the statements provided are always linked to academic findings in personality psychology, creating clear and coherent reasoning in favor of the claim. For instance, the article refers to the Big Five measure and its credibility, highlighting the potential complications that are resolved by the study analyzed (Newman, 2017). It is reported that while extroverted and enthusiastic people are more satisfied with life, neurotic and withdrawn individuals tend to exhibit recurring negative emotions and diminished self-acceptance (Newman, 2017). Overall, it is possible that particular character traits and positive experiences might manifest together, proposing a connection between personality and happiness, as well as options to improve one’s welfare. The article does not suggest strong causation, but rather summarizes the findings and proposes ways of implementing the knowledge received.

However, a possible counterclaim is suggested by other scholarly research, which declares no correlation between personality types and levels of well-being. According to Tan et al. (2017), individuals with diverse character traits experience various degrees of happiness in addition to extraversion, proposing that the connection between heightened enthusiasm and positive emotions is non-direct. Although this proposition might be possible, the link established by the article is supported by several investigations that consider additional mediating factors (Juang et al., 2021). In all investigations, the relationship between extraversion and better welfare is positive, supported by both theoretical and empirical evidence. Altogether, I believe that the article’s conclusion is entirely possible, as it incorporates multiple scientific evaluations and carefully implies a link between the concepts.


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