Personality Type According to Carl Jung Test

Jung Typology

Carl Jung, a psychiatrist from Switzerland, invented the Jung typology which has become very popular. The theory suggests that persons have characteristics determined by four preferences. Additionally, the Jung typology describes various psychological functions, including sensing, feeling, thinking, and perceiving. Personality tests can be determined through multiple assessments, such as the Jung typology test. A Jung personality test can help a person to have a deeper understanding of their self-development and self-awareness. Moreover, when individuals know their personality type, they can develop the right career for themselves and enhance emotional intelligence. After taking a Jung typology test, it is crucial to discuss and define a person’s profile, decide on the best careers and evaluate the test accuracy.

Definition and Discussion of Profile

The Jung typology test showed that my personality type is Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging (INFJ). My profile shows that I am differentiated by character complexity and my talents’ rare depth and range. As an INFJ, I am an idealist, and I prefer completion and closure. I love to do various things alone and dream. I have invaluable practicality and vision, which makes me feel responsible for the several causes that I am involved in. Most of the time, I have a deep concern for my relations with various individuals and humanity’s state as a whole. I can be mistaken for an extrovert since I can be outgoing and show a genuine interest in people caused by the Feeling function.

Contrastingly, I am a complete introvert who can only experience emotional intimacy and fulfillment with a few people who have been my close and long-term friends and family. I empathize with most confidants, but I can sometimes withdraw into myself and shut out my intimate friends. The apparent paradox provides a vital escape and gives me time to think and rebuild worn-out resources. Furthermore, shutting people out enables me to avoid the emotional overload associated with my personality. As a result, people can often misunderstand my behavior as they see me as an enigma. I have unique self-expression on paper because I have excellent writing skills and powerful personal charisma. I have deep convictions regarding heavy life matters such as activism. I tend to feel for the downtrodden and oppressed. Alternatively, I am fluent in various languages and a good communicator. I have non-verbal sensitivity, which enables me to relate with other persons intimately.

Suitable Careers

INFJs are efficient in jobs that involve caring for others, considerable intellectual work, as well as those that need creativity. INFJs can build fulfilling and successful careers in numerous organizations. Community care and social services, healthcare workers, counseling, and teachers are examples of jobs that INFJs can be successful in. INFJs often find themselves in middle management positions. Moreover, some INFJs prefer careers in academia and sciences. My profile indicates that I can work in various occupations that most INFJs find favorable. According to my profile, I can work in social services such as a lawyer, librarian, educator, and social worker. Alternatively, careers in health care like psychotherapy, psychology, and early childhood education are favorable to me. Additionally, occupations in multimedia and graphic design, humanities, and arts suit me.

Historical Figures with Similar Profiles

There are dozens of historical figures who have the same profile as mine. The list starts with Nathan, a prophet of Israel, followed by Aristophanes, Goethe, and Chaucer. Prominent people who are INFJs include Scottish poets named Robert Burns, James Earl Carter, and Martin Van Buren. Moreover, Calcutta’s Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Mel Gibson, and Nicole Kidman are renowned INFJs. Other famous INFJs who impacted people’s lives include John Katz, Carol Moseley-Braun, Piers Anthony, and Fanny Crosby, a blind hymnist.

The Profile’s Accuracy

My personality type is INFJ, and it accurately describes most of my traits. The Jung typology test hardly missed any of my behaviors. For instance, I was surprised that the test could identify my affection and desire to protect the oppressed. My profile is accurate because it has identified the trait of empathy in me. I have always been fascinated by people and I can understand their world from their perspective. The personality test identified my tendency to withdraw from the outside world and even shut my confidants or intimates out. My profile is correct since it includes my excellent writing skills as well as my powerful charisma.


In conclusion, it is crucial to discuss and define a person’s profile, determine suitable careers, and test accuracy after completing the Jung typology test. A personality test can help individuals to understand their self-development as well as self-awareness deeply. My personality type is INFJ, which indicates that I am introverted. I like to keep a few friends and show a deep concern for their welfare. Moreover, I am loyal and emphatic, which makes me understand their perspectives and relate to them. Careers that would be suitable for me include health care, social services, and multimedia. I share my personality type with several historical figures such as Martin Van Buren, Martin Luther King, Jr., James Earl Carter, and Nelson Mandela. My profile is accurate because it describes most of my behavioral traits. A personality test is essential as it can be used to identify the best career prospect.

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