Suicide Gestures and Ideations

I disagree with the statement that individuals who have been contemplating suicide never tell anyone about their thoughts. This suggestion is too categorical and can be disproved by both my personal experience and scholarly resources. While it is true that some people with suicidal thoughts do not disclose them, there are several factors affecting this decision, such as individual and relational (Barden & Caleb, 2019). The quality of relationships with others can impact one’s level of trust and willingness to open up. According to Sommers-Flanagan and Sommers-Flanagan (2021), a tendency can be observed that people contemplating suicide seem to be more open about it with mental health professionals as compared to friends or family. In this regard, it is essential to recognize the warning signs and address the problem.

Furthermore, there are various ways to reveal suicidal intentions, directly or indirectly. In particular, websites and social networks sometimes become platforms for vulnerable people to share their concerns and thoughts (Barden & Caleb, 2019). From my personal experience, some individuals tend to use suicidal humor; however, it is not always considered a warning sign. A friend of mine used to make self-defeating and depressive jokes that most of his environment did not take seriously. However, I was alarmed as I noticed the frequent use of suicidal humor. I talked to my friend, and since we had a trustful relationship, I was able to find out that, in his case, such jokes were one of the warning signs. Therefore, it can be concluded that individuals contemplating suicide can express their thoughts and intentions in various ways. My indifference to warning signs might have resulted in adverse consequences. Overall, some individuals who consider suicide can share their suicidality with others directly and indirectly.


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