Summarizing and Evaluate the Concept of Anxiety

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Understanding anxiety is an adventure that people should experience to know how to deal with it. Through the adventure, one comes to realize when they are getting anxious and how to control their anxiety. Nervousness arises when an individual worries about the experience he or she is about to witness. Human beings become anxious because they are weak in the soul. Only beasts and angels don’t get anxious because they lack human nature. The more an individual becomes tense, the more the person shows a sense of humanity because anxiety is inbuilt and challenging to understand.

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Although Jesus Christ was the savior, he was anxious about death, and this is illustrated when he instructed Judas to go ahead with his plan of betraying him, an act that would lead to Jesus’ death. Additionally, the verse that Luther preached regarding the sentiments that Jesus uttered on the cross illustrates that the Son of God was also anxious about death, something he was going to experience for the first time. Therefore, this shows that any creature that inhibits humanity experiences anxiety.

Anxiety leads people to freedom which presents an important life lesson. It makes people curious and enables them to handle their fear which comes when they are about to engage in activities that they do not know the outcome. However, anxiety is suppressed by the hope that the development will yield positive results. It also creates a possibility that makes people ready to tackle situations that life presents. Thus, people are afraid of the possibility that anxiety creates, they have devised ways to support their actions by complaining about life.

Anxiety works as education whereby an individual goes to school to acquire knowledge to use the information gained to develop explanations to situations that the person is experiencing. Moreover, an educated individual should not be anxious because they are self-aware of what can cause the anxiety. Moreover, they usually have various possibilities to choose from when approached with fear. Personal experience handles anxiety well rather than learning from the experiences of others.

Based on the excerpt, I agree that anxiety gives people an opportunity to learn because it prepares people for the future by enabling them to understand their surroundings. This is accurate because it allows people to understand their situation and eliminate their fears when presented with the same circumstances in the future. Many times, the society has regarded anxiety as a disease that needs treatment. They have even termed it as anxiety disorder when other people experience it. They claim that there is a specific group of people who experience anxiety. However, this notion can be inaccurate due to the nature of anxiety. Every person on earth has experienced different levels of anxiety in one way or another. Although sometimes people may never realize that they are anxious, it is exists in every human.

I also agree with the illustration that anxiety occurs when people perform or are about to experience a new action in their lives. For instance, the author gives an example of Jesus Christ, who became anxious when he was approached by death. From this example, it can be concluded that anxiety is unique to everyone, and it is never treated because it prepares one for future experiences. For example, a person becomes anxious when he or she sails in the deep ocean for the first time. The anxiety they feel never means that the individual is experiencing a disorder but instead shows that the person is rarely aware of what to expect. If the person goes sailing in the deep sea afterwards, the individual no longer feels anxious because they have been aware of their environment. In other words, every person experiences anxiety, and the fear prepares a person to tackle the challenges.

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