The Psychological Sources of Stress

The psychological sources of stress are numerous, but they can be summarized as the failure of an individual to address their particular needs. They might include problems in the workplace, struggles with finances as well as various issues in relationships with other people, daily life, and the process of one’s personality formation (Landy et al., 2022). The presence of challenges of this nature can be particularly detrimental to the affected person’s immune system. In this case, the negative effects are lower efficiency of its functioning, leading to high blood pressure and insufficient resistance to infections (Landy et al., 2022). Therefore, it is critical to effectively cope with this problem while relying on specific methods.

There are many options for those individuals who struggle with a stressful reaction to specific external stimuli. Some of these solutions are finding social support, accepting the inevitable to focus on what depends on oneself, and limiting exposure to particular stressors, which disrupt individuals’ lives (Landy et al., 2022). Out of these three approaches to the problem, I have relied heavily on the first idea since the help of my friends has always been efficient for viewing events from their perspectives. Its results were the formation of an objective standpoint while excluding emotions and arranging further actions accordingly. Also, it is vital to distinguish between problem- and emotion-focused coping strategies, and what are different in their active and reactive nature, respectively (Landy et al., 2022). For example, the former is oriented towards addressing the problem, causing stress, as in the case of changing a job when it is the cause of problems. In turn, the latter is removing the consequences by introducing techniques, such as meditation. In a situation when the source of the issue is unknown, emotion-focused methods can be more precise and, therefore, beneficial.


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