The Reflection of Human Character


The individual features of every person play a key role in the character’s behavior and his attitude towards life. The human’s qualities are the base of his subconscious world and define his conscious actions. The qualities such as love, faith, and inspiration inflame people to do only positive and creative actions, as these qualities are the foundation of a real human spirit. Freddie Mercury is an example of unique power, love, and outstanding energy that were overwhelming him during his whole life. His inner fire of love and dedication was the fuel for his amazing songs, which became a relief for millions of people all over the world. His sincere and intense passion for life continues to be the reason of motivation for many people on the earth globe to this day.

The Character’s Features

Freddie Mercury was half Indian, half British. Probably it appeared to be the reason for his unusual life vision. In all spheres of life, he was extremely active. He never allowed himself to be weak or sad about something. Thus, he always tried to do all his best, to put all his strength into what he was doing. He never spared himself; on the contrary, he was always exigent towards himself. What is more, he never knew what laziness is, as he always was in a constant movement. Freddie Mercury was always perfect on the stage. He performed with all of his strength at all of his concerts. That is why he has deserved a deep relationship with the people that attended Queen’s concerts. There was never a moment when he openly displayed his weakness. Instead of that, Mercury was searching for constant development. While being an experimental individual, he always aimed to seek new experiences and emotions in his art, as well as in life in general.

The life and attitude of Freddie Mercury reflect some of the best features of human nature. The main purpose of a human’s life is about developing love in the heart, and he was the one that succeeded in that. What is interesting, “Mercury was always in his best form at concerts after emotional conflict” (Clash, 2010). He was never influenced by any other opinions or flows, but he was always on his own, showing that a real human should always follow his inner laws, despite what is popular or commonly accepted. Therefore, his qualities, such as passion, joy, and vitality reveal the personal desire to live a real-life, in which there is no room for evil, hatred, greed, egoistic ambitions.


It is so important to have real individual features in the modern world. A human was granted the life to be able to nurture only the best qualities of the character. Therefore, a person should never be indifferent towards things. The world always responds according to human actions and multiplies his aspiration. And it is up to you to decide, which aspirations do you want to expand. The world operates in such a way, that any thought, emotion, or action has multiplied effects in the future. Therefore, while knowing that, each individual carries responsibility for his own inner world and for what he materializes. Unfortunately, even in modern society, a clear understanding of that is absent. People seek religious beliefs, without making the effort to cognize something independently. To reveal the essence of the human soul, each individual should begin his path starting from his own self.


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