Becoming a More Productive Student


By completing course assignments and studying additional literature, I learned quite a lot of information about myself and my personality. I realized that my body and consciousness limit is laid only based on my initial attitudes (Coon et al., 2022). Accordingly, when performing specific actions, I understand that their result depends only on myself, my efforts, and my struggles. From now on, I will strive to achieve success in any endeavors and aspirations because I can initially motivate myself for good luck and happiness.

Stressors and “Hassles”

Undoubtedly, I periodically encounter a relatively wide range of different stressors that deplete my physical and psychological state in everyday life. For example, I can confidently say that my concern about family members’ appearance, weight, and health perfectly fits under such a term. Moreover, I occasionally experience negative consequences due to worries about the loss of items, taxes, property, rising prices for goods, and a high number of collected cases and responsibilities that need to be done. Anyway, these are precisely the events and phenomena that an adult and an independent person often face. Thus, an individual can observe contrasts between time and the accumulated level of affairs, ambitions and real opportunities, lack of specific resources and needs.

Measures to Lower Stress

To date, there are several ways to “restraint” stress and improve well-being. For example, according to Can et al. (2020), it is necessary to eliminate stress triggers. Indeed, each person needs an individual approach; however, experts often recommend martial arts, sports, yoga, and meditation (Can et al., 2020). Thus, in order to protect me from “external pressure” and improve my health, I would resort to physical exertion, which has a complex beneficial effect on the mind and body.

Becoming a More Productive Student

The long-term experience of several scientists suggests that sporting events and physical activity are the keys to overall health, immunity, body, mind, and soul. Doing sports improves some cognitive functions responsible for multitasking, thinking flexibility, and memory, positively affecting my academic performance and success as a student (Coon et al., 2022). Thus, regular physical activity helps in the formation of new brain neurons. Moreover, sometimes certain kinds of sports are even used as therapy.


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