Brain Fitness: Challenge Mind and Heart

One exciting idea from the reading is that it helps people become mentally sharp when faced with challenging situations. Challenging experiences help an individual’s brain focus on a specific problem or challenge and process the information quickly. Likewise, it recalls it when dealing with related issues, developing ways to solve the challenge, making informed and wise decisions, and learning new information concerning it (Southwick & Charney, 2018). The brain helps one become resilient in dealing with challenges; the mental and emotional capabilities provide the aptitude to face tests, come up with solutions, and recover from drawbacks. As we can train the body to become physically fit and more resilient, the same can be done to the brain. Our brains have outstanding abilities to learn, process data and information, and recall things.

Resilient individuals are usually known to be lifelong scholars and learners, always looking for opportunities to be more mentally fit. This is because they do not know when they will be summoned to deal with a challenge, which requires mental comprehensiveness, sharpness, and significant regulation of our emotions. Recently, while we were cutting grass with my small sister, she accidentally injured herself and was bleeding profusely. At first, I was shocked as my sister was losing too much blood, and she would get into hypovolemic shock. I had to think fast and stop the bleeding before the situation worsened, and my small sister lost any more blood. I had to concentrate since the situation was dire because it seemed she had cut a major artery. Fortunately, I had attended a First Aid seminar; hence, I felt comfortable stopping the bleeding. I was able to overcome my shock and fear and recalled the steps of stopping the bleeding.

The surprising element from the reading is the ultimate power of the human brain. Its supremacy and capabilities are astonishing and remarkable as well. Our life in general and our daily routines are filled with distractions, and most of us rush through things without focusing on fine details or not being present in a particular moment (Southwick & Charney, 2018). Additionally, many events occur at a time, which our mind perceives, but does not concentrate on them. Surprisingly enough, when we are put in situations where we need to stop and recall or reflect, we notice the small details of the life around us. In most cases, we are often amazed by the comprehensive and elaborate memories of long-gone events in our life, which we perceived as “forgotten.” Although this does not apply to my life experiences, it is surprising how the brain can recall such finer details when forced to stop and reflect on a particular issue.

One thing that I can use in my life, which I have learned in this reading is that my brain is more plastic than I believe. It is exciting to realize that I can enhance my brain fitness and reach levels, which I have never imagined. Through various brain exercises, such as musical training, I realized that I might improve my thinking capacity and enhance my cognitive capabilities and utilize my mind to its full potential. There are several materials, which can aid in enhancing memory, decision-making, and increased the speed of processing information. Moreover, I can control my emotions by practicing mindfulness or focusing my mind on a given task. These can be achieved if I become focused, systematic, disciplined, and set realistic goals.


Southwick, S. M., & Charney, D. S. (2018). Resilience: The science of mastering life’s greatest challenges. Cambridge University Press.

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