General Psychology Discussion

Nature vs. Nurture

The development of intelligence is determined by human abilities to learn from different experiences and use resources and knowledge in problem-solving and decision-making. There is nature (inherited qualities) that affects human characteristics like physical growth, social relationships, and intellectual development in 55% of cases. There is nurture that explains the impact of the environment on people in 45% of cases. Therefore, heredity plays an important role in individual development and the establishment of the required abilities. It is wrong to neglect the impact of outside factors (friends, teachers, and classmates). Thus, pandemic challenges the development of intelligence in some way because people stay socially isolated and reduce their communication. Children cannot observe examples for their behaviors and apply their theoretical knowledge in practice correctly. One should remember that heredity is a significant point, and the substitution of real-life communication with family support may help modern youth in their intellectual development.


Motivation is a vital process in human life in terms of which activities, relationships, and ideas are started and continued to meet specific human needs. People may perform tasks either being extrinsically or intrinsically motivated. However, it happens that motivation is not enough for a person to continue performing regular tasks. Therefore, it is recommended to follow a “getting things done” method to capture everything in one place, organize information, complete weekly reports, and define time frames. Motivational theories like drive reduction or arousal theory help decrease or increase stimulation, and emotional theories by James-Lange or Cannon-Bard aim at interpreting arousal and emotions. When no theories and methods are effective, it is better to search for a good book and find inspiration on pages.

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