Stress and Workplace Production

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Figure 1The problem of increased stress and emotional pressure in the workplace as a major constituent in shaping people’s motivation, enthusiasm, and, consequently, their performance rates, must be recognized and managed to ensure that the Split Bean’s performance runs smoothly. Since the organization has only recently gained social traction and is only starting to acquire a competitive advantage strong enough to keep expanding into the broader market, it is crucial to bolster the performance rates of staff members by reducing the extent of workplace stress.

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Notably, the attempts at saving money by limiting the extent of healthcare support for staff members, as well as the chances for them to replenish their energy, will inevitably lead to a devastating drop in productivity and, ultimately, tremendous losses for the organization. Currently, Split Bean seeks to leverage its expenses with its profits, which the organization would be doing much more effectively if it considered investing in its employees by creating a more comfortable workplace environment for them. Specifically, reducing the workload rates by reconsidering the process of assigning specific roles and responsibilities to staff members, as well as managing teams, should be regarded as a priority. Moreover, hiring more employees and outsourcing experts from partnering organizations could be deemed as an opportunity for improving the current performance rates and managing the extent of workplace stress.

In addition, the rise in stress is likely to cause a rapid drop in the levels of employees’ morale, which, in turn, will affect their productivity and decision-making. For instance, the failure to meet the expected quality standards and the unwillingness to meet ethical standards set by the company may be observed in staff members as the extent of workplace pressure increases. The described outcome will have drastic implications for Split Bean since the low service quality will convince customers that the coffee shop is not worth their loyalty. As a result, the number of coffee shop patrons will be reduced tremendously, which will make the organization economically unsustainable and unable to competitiveness in the local market.

Thus, changes must be made in the current approach toward managing the extent of workplace stress and workload. It is highly advisable that Split Beans should consider changing its HRM strategy, as well as key operational processes, so that the current workload distribution could be addressed accordingly.

Another crucial opportunity that Split Bean should use when handling its current workplace stress issue and the resulting drop in production rates is introducing staff members to the opportunity to develop new skills that will help them to work more productively. Therefore, to encourage staff members to develop new skills and incorporate suggested innovative tools into their workplace routine to reduce the time and effort taken, it is crucial to incorporate training sessions into the HRM practice. The outlined change will require twofold progress, namely, increasing employees’ motivation and restructuring the current approach toward talent management. Therefore, it is recommended that Split Bean should embrace additional opportunities for allocating its finances, improving its benefit package for staff members, and creating training opportunities that will help employees to gain new skills. Furthermore, recruiting new staff to reduce the workload and outsourcing employees to promote active learning and knowledge sharing should be deemed viable strategies. It is expected that the suggested course of actions will benefit the organization and strengthen its competitive advantage.

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