Depression and Impact of Human Services Worker

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Mental Disorder Chosen

The type of mental disorder chosen is depression, which affects millions of people worldwide each year. Depression is a feeling of constant sadness and loss of interest, affecting how a person performs their day-to-day activities. There are different types of depression, including dysthymia, psychotic, melancholia, and major depression. The symptoms range from mild to severe depending on the kind of depression. Generally, depression is a result of mixed factors and events and not just a single event. Some of the common symptoms of depression include, guilt, irritability, sadness, inability to concentrate, and feeling miserable. People are advised to see a doctor if they feel depressed or experience any symptoms in an extended period. There exists a range of treatments that are proven to be effectively offered by health professionals.

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Signs and Symptoms

Depression can stay for long without being recognized and can also affect a person for years if not treated early. There exist two forms of depression symptoms, namely behavioral and physical. Some of the significant behavioral symptoms include; withdrawal from close friends and family, which is one of the early symptoms that can be detected easily, especially when the depressed person is an extrovert (Higuera, 2020). The use of drugs and substances is another symptom that can easily show that one is depressed if one were not using them before (Higuera, 2020). Another sign of being depressed is not getting things done at work or school like earlier. Some people usually stop having fun like before; they stop going out and stay in the house all day.

On the other hand, the physical signs include losing weight significantly, which can quickly raise the alarm to people around that person. Feeling tired all the time is another primary symptom, which can be accompanied by feeling sick. A depressed person may experience headaches, muscle pains, and stomach frequently aches (Higuera, 2020). Further, they might have sleeping problems, which is a significant sign and should be taken seriously instead of using sleeping pills. People should seek medical assistance in case they are experiencing most of these signs to get treated early.

Impacting Crisis Events

Depression mainly affects how people act, feel, and think and can be difficult for people to manage the day-to-day activities. There exist some crisis events that can easily lead to depression. One of the crises is continued difficulties in life, such as lack of employment for a prolonged time, leading to a person feeling like a failure (Higuera, 2020). Being in an abusive relationship or staying with a noncaring partner can also lead to depression, where a person develops feelings of not being wanted or worthy (Higuera, 2020). Experiencing prolonged isolation and loneliness can also lead to depression since people in this state have no one to share their thoughts.

Being exposed to stress at the workplace can also be a trigger to depression. This mostly happens if a person cannot spend time with their loved ones and they are always under pressure in the workplace. Going through a divorce or separation is another trigger for depression since this is a significant change in one’s life (Higuera, 2020). Being diagnosed with a severe disease that is not treatable can also trigger depression, especially among those that are at risk genetically. Finally, alcohol and drug use can lead to or result from depression; simultaneously, most people abusing drugs fall into depression.

Treatment Methods

There are several treatment options for depression to choose from, which can help improve life quality since living with depression can be time-consuming. One of the many methods is medication, where healthcare providers can give various medicines to suppress the symptoms. The medication includes antianxiety, antidepressants, and antipsychotic drugs (Higuera, 2020). The medication will assist in treatment, but they have benefits and some risks if used for a prolonged time. Another effective method is psychotherapy, which involves talking to a therapist about your feelings. This helps depressed people learn skills that will enable them to cope with any negative emotions (Higuera, 2020). Attending group or family therapy sessions is also effective for most people battling depression. Finally, light therapy has proven effective in some people where they are exposed to white light, which changes their moods and suppresses the symptoms.

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Impact of Human Services worker

Human service workers play a significant role in assisting people who have a mental disorder. Some ways to help a person suffering from depression is by offering the correct type of medication as prescribed and ensuring that the person does not skip any dose as this would lead to escalation of symptoms. Another effective way of assisting people suffering from depression is listening to them talk to someone. By doing this, the person will be relieved and will be feeling happier. Finally, it will be essential to show and teach people suffering from depression or any other mental disorder to take care of themselves, mentally and physically, to ensure that the treatment offered works effectively and they get to live their everyday lives again.


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