The Industrial-Organizational Psychology

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Industrial-organizational psychology is concerned with studying the way employees behave themselves at work. The aims of this study are to improve the employees well being as well as increase their effectiveness in the organization system. The method is mostly practiced in the organization by the management or owners of an organization to get the right employees that are needed in the organization and who also will work effectively. The method is mostly known to be used by the employers and owners of the organizations. However, it can be of many benefits to the employees of the organization through the following ways.

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To start with, the employees can get benefits from it through been thought leadership skills from industrial organization psychologists. It is usually a desire from the employees to get promoted to certain positions in an organization. Through the industrial-organizational psychologist, the employees can get the skills necessary for any of the positions they may aspire to have in the organization. The same may be beneficial to employees who aspire in the future to have their own organization and they will know how best to learn them. Employees also benefit from the training offered by I/O psychologists and they are able to adjust faster to their careers. The weaknesses that the workers may be experiencing are minimized by having an I/O psychologist in place (O’Boyle 348). Since new employees to any organization are not in full knowledge of how the organization works, they can get to learn that through I/O and ensure they settle faster in their careers. The result of this is employees being confident in doing the work as well as enjoying their work. Job satisfaction is a situation where an employee feels satisfied with the work he or she is doing and also having a piece of mind. There is so much that employees can gain from being satisfied with their job. They are able to increase their skills as well confidence in their work. In turn, some personal aspects develop like being efficient in whatever one does. The health, as well as the safety of the employees, will also be ensured. Through I/O psychologists, the organization makes efforts that ensure that their workers are working in safe conditions and their health issues are watched from time to time. The practice of this is usually one in engineering psychology where also the manufacturing equipment is made safe for the workers. The safety issue can be extended even to instances of assault I/O psychologists can report instances of assaults on the employees sexually which may be taking place in the organization (Lefkowitz 311). The well-being of the employees is catered for by having I/O psychologists in place. The achievement of this is through the quality services that are provided to the employees as recommended by the I/O psychologists.

The benefits of having I/O can be extended even to the human resource department where the human resource can get the right way to address the issue of the qualities the employees needed in the organization needs as well as learn when best to train them as well as how best to train them. The same is extended to the management where they get to earn the best way to control the workers as well as keep them motivated and still maintain their services in the organization (Folsom 241).


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