Stress Management: Imagery

Stress Management Proposal. 
SCI/100 Version 3.
Title of technique: Imagery
Description of technique Imagery is a very effective way of dealing with stress especially when accompanied with physical relaxation through exercising. The main idea behind imagery is the use of imagination to create a situation that is more fulfilling hence creating a relaxing scene about a certain issue. As the intense of the imagination increases, the situation gets more and more realistic as one gets a stronger experience on the issue at hand. This way, the desirable environment is created thus creating a relaxed mood. This is done by imagining such features as running waters, sounds of birds and other imaginations such as lying under the sun on a beach. Basically, the imagines are anything that interests oneself and makes one feel at peace. Imagery can also be used as a form of a rehearsal before a certain event. By imagining a successful event, one gets relaxed and less tensed about the event. Through imagination, one gets prepared and attains self confidence for the upcoming event.
Summary or analysis of personal experience For the past few months, I have been under a lot of stress trying to get a job. I have severally got afraid that I may never get a job despite all the efforts I made in school. After sending several applications to various firms, I started imagining myself going for interviews and getting positive replies form various firms to the point that I will have to choose where I want to work. Then I imagined myself being a cooperate figure and giving my work all my best and above all, having a bright future that I have always wanted. This made me feel more relaxed and at ease with the thought that after a little patience, I will soon get where I want to be.
Time needed during each session, and frequency of sessions per week Since this type of reducing stress is imagery, the time and the frequency for each session cannot be estimated, imagery can be done as frequently as one gets stressed or tensed about a certain issue. This could be done during free time.
Equipment and space needed Similar to time and frequency, imagery does not require any equipments and speed.
Estimated costs There are no costs involved with imagery as a form of reducing stress.
Advantages of technique
  • This method is definitely cost effective since it does not require any funds.
  • Imagining helps one to try the hardest possible to get where one was imagining.
Disadvantages of technique The disadvantage associated with this method is the fact that such imaginations may give one such expectations which may later lead to frustration.
Effects of stress on physical and psychological health Stress has been associated with bad eating habits where a stressed person eats more and frequently and this may affect the normal functionality of the gastrointestinal system. Stress may cause one to breathe rapidly due to difficulty in breathing. Other effects are anxiety and panic. Low self esteem and aggressiveness may also occur.
Recommendation for the company Since this method is most effective alongside physical fitness, the company should put up equipments and programs for physical exercising to help keep its staff healthy, for the benefits of not only the employees but also the company.

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