Two Sides of Depression Disease

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Depression is a widespread disease in the modern world, and that is why people often do not fully understand how it works. This disorder is far from being associated with just the feeling of sadness but has many aspects and manifestations that vary depending on a particular person’s characteristics. Nevertheless, there are several main types inherent in this disease. The purpose of this essay is to explore and analyze the two sides of depression.

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First of all, it should be noted that many psychological disorders can be confused with depression due to similar symptoms. Similar manifestations are observed in bipolar disorder, anxiety, major depression, and dysthymia (“The Many Faces of Depression.”). However, real depression is associated with several critical factors, including feelings of sadness and discouragement, loss of interest, and energy loss. These parameters are the most often discussed in this condition since depression is often associated with sorrow and sadness in society. Although such moments occupy a reasonably large part of the problem, the disease is also characterized by other symptoms, much more active.

Undoubtedly, depression is a loss of energy, interest, and an overwhelming feeling of sadness. However, the almost complete absence of emotion can be replaced by a massive stream of anxiety, which makes the individual worry about various things. Anxiety and depression are so common together that studies have shown they may be two sides of the same condition, being shaped by similar factors (Schulz). If a person has depression, this does not mean that they will indulge in misery most of the time. Sadness can very easily be replaced by anxiety attacks, during which a person feels too much. Moments of slowdown and inability to focus can give way to a state of anxiety when the person cannot sit still.

Thus, depression is a multifaceted disorder that includes many symptoms. However, despite the abundance of various details, at least two sides of this condition can be distinguished. One shouldn’t think of depression as just a sad state, as depression and sadness can also be replaced by periods of anxious activity and even anger.

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